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Race day

Resting or light exercise before the race on Saturday… I managed to squeeze in a quick morning run on Thursday as my last run pre-race. It was a little quicker than my recent runs, but also a little shorter. We ran 3.9 miles in 31 minutes (pace 7:44 min/mile). It was a lovely rainy day […]

Lost, cold and very very wet

A good, strong day – more running this weekend… Another Sunday trip out with the running club today. It was drizzling to some extent but I thought I’d brave the elements anyway as I was really in need of a run. Needless to say once we were a few miles out the heavens opened. We […]

The road to marathon part 2

I may get out with CUH&H tomorrow… I managed to get up and run with the club this morning, I was surprised I managed it after last night. I was at a Halloween party, but don’t worry I went in a fitness-related costume. I went as a zumbie, that is a zumba person who has […]