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Two sessions – an update

Up early again tomorrow for a run… Well I haven’t run for quite a while now, but I did squeeze in a couple of gym workouts. On Thursday I managed a brief half an hour session in the gym and on Friday I managed an hour and ten minutes of solo spinning after work. It […]

EZ, getting harder

More running tomorrow… I ran with the EZ group today; however I found myself getting ahead of them as we were running along the river, so I looped back to let them catch up. The group then split into various smaller groups and I realised that I was “stuck” with the fastest EZ group, which […]

Evening run

I think that’s all for today… I managed to make it to the evening meeting of the EZ group at the running club. It’s always a bit of a mad dash from the lab that can be anything from 10-30 minutes by bike traffic depending. This time I was 5 minutes early and the organiser […]

Pacing yourself

Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow… I took the day off on Tuesday and today I only did one exercise session – I’m slacking I know… I started the day with the 720 run with the running club. I was tempted to graduate from the EZ (easy) to the intermediate or even training groups, but […]