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Training camp

A longer run tomorrow if I have time (which is unlikely)… This week was training camp, which was set to be nice and also painful. I arrived in the early afternoon – just in time for a medium length run. The run was only 7.6 miles, but there was a climb of 1100 feet within […]

Coming back from injury

So it looks like I’ll be resting this week… I managed to rest all the way to Thursday evening – that’s nearly a week right? I was just going to do a small gym session: I’d already turned down the offer of a level 4 spinning class, which would have been far too long and […]

A painful run and spinning

Formal tonight with CUH&H… I’m not going to describe what happened at/after the formal, but it was fun and not particularly running-related. The day after (Monday) I wasn’t feeling up for exercise – you might be able to fill in the blanks. Tuesday I was raring to go, so I set out for a quick […]


Rest day tomorrow… After several of my colleagues/previous running partners have got themselves injured I started to have a slight pain whilst walking. This is almost certainly a bad thing. For that reason I’ve decided not to run until the pain is completely absent because I really need to be fit and able to run […]

Most miles ever

I really hope it’s not too hot on the 9th of September for the real thing… Monday was most certainly a rest day, as I was feeling weak from Sunday’s 15-mile effort. Strangely enough my shoulders were hurting the most, which I think was due to the hydration pack I was carrying on my back. […]

Close to a target

I think I might have a light weekend… A very light Saturday and a semi-light Sunday. Saturday ended up being a lazy day, although I did cycle in to town and back – that’s exercise right? Today (Sunday) I decided I really should get back into running. I’d just set off, by which of course […]