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Learning from the marathon

Coming up next what I have learned and what’s next… Hmm, what have I learned… I learned that I really do not like running in hot weather – I could attempt to overcome this challenge by running in more clothing to simulate hotter weather, call the marathon day a freak hot day or choose the […]

Return to running

I now just need to sort out our matching outfits… A slow run today – 6.5 miles in 1 hour and 5 minutes. This was much slower than my usual pace, but involved lots of stops and I was running with others, so had to wait a little. I did attempt to sprint up a […]

Swift half and some water, please?

We’ll see how sore I am tomorrow… I started the day reasonably but not too sore and was suitably busy at lunchtime, making it look like a rest day was looming. By the afternoon I had realised that I had a large 2 hour slot in the day where I could do some exercise, but […]