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Training camp

A longer run tomorrow if I have time (which is unlikely)… This week was training camp, which was set to be nice and also painful. I arrived in the early afternoon – just in time for a medium length run. The run was only 7.6 miles, but there was a climb of 1100 feet within […]

I want to ride my (stationary) bicycle

I’m taking a few days off for Christmas, don’t judge me…  I’m a little behind on my blogging – apologies. I hadn’t exercised in a while, but luckily for me my parents (where I’m staying at the moment) bought an exercise bike. So far this bike has impressed me for the price. It’s pretty handy […]

Going north (and uphill)

The fun never stops… I’m back in the north! This means I can finally do some hill training – as you may remember it was hills that derailed me during my marathon. Also I need to practice hills so I’m ready for the training camp in the peak district in about two weeks. On Saturday […]

Northward bound

There may be more running tomorrow morning if my legs can take it… So I had a few days off. Initially on Monday and Tuesday my legs were a bit stiff from the near-marathon I ran on Sunday. As time progressed I realised I was mildly ill, so I took it easy rather than risk […]

Another double

Out early tomorrow for a long(ish) run… On Friday I set out with a friend with the intention of an hour-long run, but in the end it was just short of an hour – a mere 6.5 miles in 53 minutes (a pace of 8:09 minutes/mile). The pace was slightly faster than the EZ (easy) […]

Running club failure

EZ (easy) run tomorrow at the club… I missed the EZ run because apparently it’s impossible for me to get out of work at a decent time. Yesterday (Friday) I managed a lunchtime spinning class with the instructor that enjoys climbs. Two of my colleagues also came along, which was really good. The class was […]

Maybe running this week… I had a sneaky hour spare at the end of the day, so I decided to go for a solo spin whilst listening to the same tracks as before. Unfortunately, as it was around 5pm the gym was rather busy and so the one solitary spinning bike was taken – woe […]