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Two sessions – an update

Up early again tomorrow for a run… Well I haven’t run for quite a while now, but I did squeeze in a couple of gym workouts. On Thursday I managed a brief half an hour session in the gym and on Friday I managed an hour and ten minutes of solo spinning after work. It […]

Learning from the marathon

Coming up next what I have learned and what’s next… Hmm, what have I learned… I learned that I really do not like running in hot weather – I could attempt to overcome this challenge by running in more clothing to simulate hotter weather, call the marathon day a freak hot day or choose the […]

My day as an exercise instructor

Sunday will be another bad/good day… The less that is said about Saturday night and/or Sunday the better – let’s just say I ate and drank more than was wise. For this reason I felt the necessity to get off my bum (by sitting on a bike of course). There was set to be a […]

No rest for the wicked

Am I likely to have a rest week? Ok, so no rest today. A run in the (relatively) nice weather was offered me and I took it. For once it really was not an enjoyable experience: I had sore legs and I had a stitch most of the time. In an hour I went only […]

Musical marathon

But I have a major problem with the silence of the marathon… Big news, we’ve booked the race on the 9th of September (a marathon for me and a half for each of my comrades) so it looks like everything is moving along nicely. After hobbling around all morning due to my monster run yesterday […]

Going the distance

Then I flew home… Sitting on the plane gave me a little time to think – about an hour, it was a short flight. I came to the decision that I should really go for it, as I really won’t have another opportunity if I don’t do it now. I’d definitely regret not at least […]

Nether Nether-lands

Would a half marathon be enough? We actually started looking at half-marathons online the following week; however since I had managed my half at the weekend it was decided that I’d have a more suitable challenge with a full marathon – curse my eagerness. We finally settled on an event on the 9th of September […]