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There’s snow way I’m running in that

Getting up nice and early for a run with the club tomorrow… Since the term has finished (yes I know Cambridge students have very short terms) the running club did not have an official meeting; however we did arrange for a run with whoever was left in Cambridge i.e. us graduate students. The organiser was […]

Morning run and an afternoon spin with a race thrown in for good measure

Need gloves… I bought some gloves: they’re wonderful, particularly against the wind chill brought on by cycling. I also wore them for the EZ run with the running club this morning. This involved getting into the town centre for 720: I made it with time to spare, which is not bad considering I usually wake […]

Lost, cold and very very wet

A good, strong day – more running this weekend… Another Sunday trip out with the running club today. It was drizzling to some extent but I thought I’d brave the elements anyway as I was really in need of a run. Needless to say once we were a few miles out the heavens opened. We […]