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Training camp

A longer run tomorrow if I have time (which is unlikely)… This week was training camp, which was set to be nice and also painful. I arrived in the early afternoon – just in time for a medium length run. The run was only 7.6 miles, but there was a climb of 1100 feet within […]

Northward bound

There may be more running tomorrow morning if my legs can take it… So I had a few days off. Initially on Monday and Tuesday my legs were a bit stiff from the near-marathon I ran on Sunday. As time progressed I realised I was mildly ill, so I took it easy rather than risk […]

Two sessions – an update

Up early again tomorrow for a run… Well I haven’t run for quite a while now, but I did squeeze in a couple of gym workouts. On Thursday I managed a brief half an hour session in the gym and on Friday I managed an hour and ten minutes of solo spinning after work. It […]

Too much, too hot, too fast

Early start for running again tomorrow… It was another double exercise today, which in retrospect was probably a bad idea. A relatively short run nice and early in the morning: only 3.8 miles, possibly explaining why I was in need for a little more. Although I guess it was a little more with cycling 15 […]

Morning run and an afternoon spin with a race thrown in for good measure

Need gloves… I bought some gloves: they’re wonderful, particularly against the wind chill brought on by cycling. I also wore them for the EZ run with the running club this morning. This involved getting into the town centre for 720: I made it with time to spare, which is not bad considering I usually wake […]

A painful run and spinning

Formal tonight with CUH&H… I’m not going to describe what happened at/after the formal, but it was fun and not particularly running-related. The day after (Monday) I wasn’t feeling up for exercise – you might be able to fill in the blanks. Tuesday I was raring to go, so I set out for a quick […]

Fight the resistance

Back on it… As I predicted I had a lazy and indulgent weekend: plenty of beer and bad food. Today I went to a spinning class at lunchtime, a class I usually went to back when I was seriously exercising pretty much every day. It was a lot harder than before, but I was feeling […]