Two sessions – an update

Up early again tomorrow for a run… Well I haven’t run for quite a while now, but I did squeeze in a couple of gym workouts. On Thursday I managed a brief half an hour session in the gym and on Friday I managed an hour and ten minutes of solo spinning after work. It […]

There’s snow way I’m running in that

Getting up nice and early for a run with the club tomorrow… Since the term has finished (yes I know Cambridge students have very short terms) the running club did not have an official meeting; however we did arrange for a run with whoever was left in Cambridge i.e. us graduate students. The organiser was […]

Casual spinning

More to come… I took both Sunday and Monday off – I was tempted to go to a spinning class Monday evening but I wasn’t quite feeling up for it, oh and I had work to do of course… Today I fit in a solo spin to an old soundtrack, but after it ended I […]

Cambridge v Oxford varsity

Possibly more running/exercise tomorrow…. It was the varsity cross-country race on Saturday (Cambridge v Oxford). Before the races there was a supporters’ race, where we could run the shorter ladies (4 miles rather than 7.5 miles) course, which I really couldn’t resist. I reached the start line in my normal running shoes, realising that this […]

Coming back from injury

So it looks like I’ll be resting this week… I managed to rest all the way to Thursday evening – that’s nearly a week right? I was just going to do a small gym session: I’d already turned down the offer of a level 4 spinning class, which would have been far too long and […]

Race day

Resting or light exercise before the race on Saturday… I managed to squeeze in a quick morning run on Thursday as my last run pre-race. It was a little quicker than my recent runs, but also a little shorter. We ran 3.9 miles in 31 minutes (pace 7:44 min/mile). It was a lovely rainy day […]

EZ, getting harder

More running tomorrow… I ran with the EZ group today; however I found myself getting ahead of them as we were running along the river, so I looped back to let them catch up. The group then split into various smaller groups and I realised that I was “stuck” with the fastest EZ group, which […]