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I want to ride my (stationary) bicycle

I’m taking a few days off for Christmas, don’t judge me… 

I’m a little behind on my blogging – apologies. I hadn’t exercised in a while, but luckily for me my parents (where I’m staying at the moment) bought an exercise bike. So far this bike has impressed me for the price.


It’s pretty handy for seated work; however the resistance doesn’t go high enough to allow any real extended climbing work. I’d like to see higher resistance, but it seems really good for a beginner i.e. my parents.

The last 3 days I have used the bike, whilst watching either a film or TV show – just like a real gym!

On Tuesday I did 40 minutes of medium seated resistance, varying a little by increasing and decreasing the resistance periodically. Wednesday was an hour of cycling with much the same.

Thursday (today) I went for my first run in a while with my brand new shoes I have bought for the running camp. I bought new shoes to use on potential trails and uneven terrain.



These shoes have more grip than my normal running shoes; however I have been informed that trail shoes generally have less support and so I bought a special insole to help deal with my pronation.

For this reason I ran only 2.3 miles in 16 minutes, just to test the shoes and wear them in a little – everything went well, nothing to report really. I then returned home and cycled on the bike whilst watching The Walking Dead.

A longer run tomorrow if I have time (which is unlikely)…


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