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Going north (and uphill)

The fun never stops…

I’m back in the north! This means I can finally do some hill training – as you may remember it was hills that derailed me during my marathon. Also I need to practice hills so I’m ready for the training camp in the peak district in about two weeks.

On Saturday I started with a short-ish 6.7 miles in 48 minutes: I also ascended (and descended as it was a loop) nearly 600 feet, which is a lot considering the last run I did before in Cambridge (21 miles) I only ascended around 100 feet.

It actually wasn’t as hard as I was expecting, but that may have been because what goes up must come down, allowing me to recharge my legs a little on the downward stretches.

Today I ran 12 miles by extending the previous route by turning into unknown territory. Luckily there was a wind turbine nearby that I could use to orient myself. This 12 miles was done in 94 minutes, which is a little slower than usual and also slower than Saturday, but this is probably to be expected.

I’m taking a few days off for Christmas, don’t judge me…


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