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A quick catchup

Not sure if the long run is on the Sunday…

No Sunday run this week; however we got up nice and early for a run with the club on Monday. I woke up to a light dusting of snow, so I took a few tentative steps outside and I did not slip at all – a pleasant surprise.

I ended up taking the lead of the run and, after running a mile and a half from home to the meeting point I was ready to go.

We ran a circuit of 5 and a bit miles, making my total 8.8 miles: running it in 68 minutes (pace 7:46 min/mile).

Tuesday was a busy (and productive) day in the lab so I could only get out for a quick 30 minute solo spinning session. Unfortunately the spinning bike in the gym was taken so I had to wait for the spinning class to finish and sneak in for some solo work.

Wednesday was another run with the club, but this time I was not leading: I was taking it easy as I was feeling a little more tired than usual. The total for the day was 7.2 miles in 56 minutes at a very similar pace to Monday. The route was not particularly exciting, we ran up the river which was nice, but on the return we ran through the middle of town, which was not as nice, partly due to its stop/start nature.

Today was a rest day – I needed it…


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