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There’s snow way I’m running in that

Getting up nice and early for a run with the club tomorrow…

Since the term has finished (yes I know Cambridge students have very short terms) the running club did not have an official meeting; however we did arrange for a run with whoever was left in Cambridge i.e. us graduate students.

The organiser was unfortunately ill, so I offered to lead the group. I woke up to a light covering of snow, but dragged myself out of the door because I didn’t want to disappoint whoever turned up to run.

Running to the meeting point was a challenge, as once again my standard running shoes had inadequate grip: in fact I nearly slipped and fell in an attempt to make way for some pedestrians.

Luckily when I arrived I found 2 people waiting for me – I was a couple of minutes late because of the “adverse” weather conditions.

We ran a rather ambitious route (which I guess is my fault as I was leading), which involved slipping and sliding through town, running along a cycle track and through a meadow along the river on a second cycle track. We then looped back along the main road, which was by this point starting to thaw. I decided on a more ambitious route because the other two runners are part of the triathlon club, so I wanted to make sure they were challenged.

The club route ended up being just short of 6 miles and, by adding the distance to the meeting point from home and back my total for the day was 9.3 miles, with a running time of 74 minutes (pace 7:56 min/mile), which is pretty good considering the conditions.

Up early again tomorrow for a run…


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