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Coming back from injury

So it looks like I’ll be resting this week…

I managed to rest all the way to Thursday evening – that’s nearly a week right?

I was just going to do a small gym session: I’d already turned down the offer of a level 4 spinning class, which would have been far too long and intense to risk with my injury.

I was all set for this gym session when I received an email informing me that there was an EZ run this evening – I couldn’t turn it down.

As a tester I decided, rather than cycling to the meeting point as usual, I would gently run there so that if there were any problems or any pain I could turn back and not commit to the run.

As it was I was fine running down and my gentle run ended up a little quicker than anticipated, so quick in fact that I was a good 10 minutes early.

While I was waiting I did a few stretches and noticed my thighs were tighter than usual, could this be from lack of use for such a “long time”?

The run itself was pretty uneventful: we ran up the river in the dark as a group of four and I turned back when we came near to my house, as I didn’t want to push it and get re-injured.

5 miles in 40 minutes (pace 7:58 min/mile), which is about as quick as my original fast pace, but I would grade it as very easy – oh how times change.

Possibly more running/exercise tomorrow….


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