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Race day

Resting or light exercise before the race on Saturday…

I managed to squeeze in a quick morning run on Thursday as my last run pre-race. It was a little quicker than my recent runs, but also a little shorter. We ran 3.9 miles in 31 minutes (pace 7:44 min/mile).

It was a lovely rainy day for the race. Unfortunately I had to go and register in the morning and then run some errands, then cycling to the race venue (rather than taking the coach). It was also unfortunate that the venue was up and hill, giving my legs a bit of an extra work out.

The warm-up was difficult because it was so cold, windy and wet that we were all reluctant to change into our running kit. We were also waiting in the cold, watching the other (better) teams compete.

As we were the last race we already knew the results of the others: one of the two women’s teams had won and the two other men’s team had also won, so we were under a little bit of pressure to perform.

The race was almost the same course as the race a couple of weeks ago; however it was only 3 laps rather than the previous 3 laps with a little bit extra.

The biggest problem I had was the wetness of the surface, as the mud was slippery – so slippery in fact that I think this may have been the limiting factor on my speed.

This, unlike the previous race was a team race and so it was nice to run as a small group of Cambridge runners without the competitiveness, taking over a few Oxford runners whenever possible.

Also unlike the previous race there was much more support of the crowd as anyone from Cambridge would cheer as we ran past: at one point there was so much encouragement that I significantly sped up, if only for a few seconds.

At the end of the race we were also given a can of beer – it was delicious, even though I usually hate that beer.

The worst thing is I think I may have injured my leg from the run: not from running too hard, but from the slipping.

So it looks like I’ll be resting this week…


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