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Too much, too hot, too fast

Early start for running again tomorrow…

It was another double exercise today, which in retrospect was probably a bad idea.

A relatively short run nice and early in the morning: only 3.8 miles, possibly explaining why I was in need for a little more. Although I guess it was a little more with cycling 15 minutes there and back.

The run itself lasted 31 minutes, making it a pace of 8:08 minutes/miles, faster than the last few runs I’ve done. I need to make sure I can speed up for the varsity run this Saturday – my second ever race!

I also managed to make it to a spinning class towards the end of work. I hadn’t been to this instructor for a long time, mainly because I never usually finish work in time (I actually didn’t this time as I went back to the lab afterwards).

The class was completely full – in fact six people were turned away: it was that popular. You could really tell the class was full, as it was really hot, which wasn’t very conducive to exercise.

I was really struggling with the unusual positions (hands and arms) that he was making us do. He also made us do one-legged climbs, which I really do not enjoy. We also had a lot of quick bits and the resistance wasn’t quite right – rant over…

All in all I was glad for the class to end.

More running tomorrow…


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