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Another double

Out early tomorrow for a long(ish) run…

On Friday I set out with a friend with the intention of an hour-long run, but in the end it was just short of an hour – a mere 6.5 miles in 53 minutes (a pace of 8:09 minutes/mile). The pace was slightly faster than the EZ (easy) running group I’ve been running with, which was a nice change.

I noticed that I was able to hold a conversation just as well as if I were running the usual slower pace. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to run my current race pace and talk at the same time…

At lunchtime on Friday I also did a spinning class, as annoyingly the best classes seem to be on the same day as the running club or other organised runs. The class was pretty standard: we had the instructor who likes climbing to energic dance or rock music so it was a good class as usual.

The weekend involved no exercise, other than rushing around London and of course dancing to cheesy music at “club de fromage” – it counts as exercise honestly!

Today (Monday) I went out with the running club bright and early in the morning. We only ran 3.1 miles, which I think is the shortest distance we had done in a long time, but I was glad of it, as I was feeling particularly sleep-deprived.

Early start for running again tomorrow…




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