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Running club failure

EZ (easy) run tomorrow at the club…

I missed the EZ run because apparently it’s impossible for me to get out of work at a decent time.

Yesterday (Friday) I managed a lunchtime spinning class with the instructor that enjoys climbs. Two of my colleagues also came along, which was really good.

The class was pretty difficult and with 20 minutes to go the instructor said the resistance would only increase until the end. We were doing a standing climb with a relatively slow beat, but it was comfortable: then he had us sprinting for 45 seconds. I have to admit at this point I did have to lower the resistance because I couldn’t speed up at all for the sprint sections.

I was hoping to make it to a short run that evening, but because of work commitments and the traffic I arrived (after a cycle sprint) to see the runners head around a corner and by the time I had locked my bike up they were gone – another failure!

Today I went for a quick run that was nice and painful after an over-indulgent night yesterday. I was really surprised to manage 5.1 miles in 34 minutes at a pace of 6:40 minutes/mile: this is actually pretty close to my fastest 5 mile pace. Impressive considering how bad I was feeling this morning.

There were also various obstacles to get in my way: most notably was the various cyclists that were somehow getting in my way even though we were heading in the same direction – clearly I’m faster than casual cyclists (and rowers too?)! I was also attacked/harassed by a small and very loud dog – I had to stop so I didn’t stand on it.

I may get out with CUH&H tomorrow…


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