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Maybe running this week…

I had a sneaky hour spare at the end of the day, so I decided to go for a solo spin whilst listening to the same tracks as before.

Unfortunately, as it was around 5pm the gym was rather busy and so the one solitary spinning bike was taken – woe is me.

Instead I decided to use the treadmill, which is so much fun. I ran for half a mile at 7-8 mph: I then decided to do an uphill mile (as you may remember this was one of my downfalls in the marathon). The incline was 5% at 8 mph (7:30 minutes/mile): this was relatively easy, so I decided to attempt the last quarter of a mile at 15%. I managed this for at least 30 seconds before I/my legs changed my/their mind and switched the incline back down to 5%. I think this is something I should really work on, as it might be a good way to make a 0% incline child’s play.

This was followed by some of the solo spin workout I had planned, but I didn’t do the whole thing as I was running short of time. It covered some short sprints and longer, slow and heavy climbs to really work on my legs.

I decided to finish off with a quick 5 minute rowing “sprint”, covering 1300m or thereabouts. I can really tell I don’t work on my arms enough, as they were getting a little sore, even from this short effort.

Oh and the Cambridge half marathon is ready for bookings – it’s going to be fun!

More mixed and varied workouts coming up…


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