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Indoor rowing

I guess this makes this the road to marathon part 2… I didn’t have much time today so I had to make do with a quick gym session. As my favourite (and the only) spinning bike in the gym was taken I decided to do something different for a change – rowing. I rowed for […]

The road to marathon part 2

I may get out with CUH&H tomorrow… I managed to get up and run with the club this morning, I was surprised I managed it after last night. I was at a Halloween party, but don’t worry I went in a fitness-related costume. I went as a zumbie, that is a zumba person who has […]

Running club failure

EZ (easy) run tomorrow at the club… I missed the EZ run because apparently it’s impossible for me to get out of work at a decent time. Yesterday (Friday) I managed a lunchtime spinning class with the instructor that enjoys climbs. Two of my colleagues also came along, which was really good. The class was […]

A painful run and spinning

Formal tonight with CUH&H… I’m not going to describe what happened at/after the formal, but it was fun and not particularly running-related. The day after (Monday) I wasn’t feeling up for exercise – you might be able to fill in the blanks. Tuesday I was raring to go, so I set out for a quick […]

Double run

More mixed and varied workouts coming up… I went for two runs today: one with the running club CUH&H (Cambridge university hare and hounds), shortly followed by a solo effort. Today was set to be CUH&H’s long run and so I had to decide which group to run with (as I wasn’t familiar with the […]

Maybe running this week… I had a sneaky hour spare at the end of the day, so I decided to go for a solo spin whilst listening to the same tracks as before. Unfortunately, as it was around 5pm the gym was rather busy and so the one solitary spinning bike was taken – woe […]

Quick spin

I hope the weather picks up so I can run as well as spin… I just did a quick afternoon solo spin today using a new soundtrack. I mixed in a few sprints and climbs to vary the workout. The day was probably nice enough for a run, but I knew that I wouldn’t be […]