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Under the weather

Hopefully back in a few classes but I have a special/exciting/scary day on Thursday… I really neglected my exercise last week, but I guess I deserve some time to enjoy myself after my efforts? On Monday I finally went to a spinning class. It was incredibly hard work and I think I figured out I […]

Back up to Speed

Back to gym classes next week… I haven’t been able to make the gym classes at lunchtime as I had hoped – also my favourite instructor seems to be away, which is a pain. For that reason Monday became a rest day and today (Tuesday) was a medium run. The run started off extremely quick: […]

First Long Run Post Marathon

I guess there’s more to come from me… I woke up unintentionally early this morning so I ended up going for a run. The run itself was rather uneventful. Once again I started out quite slowly because I’m still recovering, but I managed to build up. I also once again included two interval tracks: this […]

Learning from the marathon

Coming up next what I have learned and what’s next… Hmm, what have I learned… I learned that I really do not like running in hot weather – I could attempt to overcome this challenge by running in more clothing to simulate hotter weather, call the marathon day a freak hot day or choose the […]

I’m a marathoner

A quick note to say I did the marathon – more details to follow… Ok, I think I have sufficiently recovered to describe the events of the marathon. This Sunday was a hot day, one of the hottest for a long time: not ideal conditions for a marathon, but the organisers ensured there was plenty […]

Completed: marathon

Early start tomorrow, wish me luck…   A quick note to say I did the marathon – more details to follow…still not fully up to describing it.                    

The Last Day

Rest day tomorrow… The week ended up being a rest week: I decided it was best in terms of marathon performance, particularly as I had a cold. I spent the week eating lots of fruit and the end of the week eating more carbohydrates. Today I went for a quick 2 mile run just to […]