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And I would run 100 miles

A couple of light runs and spinning classes this week… I’ve run over 100 miles this month (105), which I’ve never done before. I’m quite proud of myself, but now I very much need to slow down and take it easy to make sure I’m strong and well-rested for the big day in 9 days. […]

Going down?

Definite rest tomorrow, possible long run on Tuesday… The first line says it all. The long run was not as long as I would have liked, but it was a brand new route and so I had to find my way, contend with the sub-optimal footpath and the more hilly than usual terrain. I set […]

Totally Addicted to Running

Just over two weeks remaining… The marathon is two weeks from today, pretty scary! For this and other reasons (chief among them the fact that I’m almost certainly addicted to running/feel guilty whenever I take time off) I decided to go for a run, even though I wasn’t completely recovered. I set off up the […]

I hate bank holidays

I think the instructor is back… Spinning today – man was it hard work. I think I have a little cold so breathing was not too easy. It was so hard that I even had to slow down below the beat for a significant chunk of one of the songs, which is really rare for […]


Rest day tomorrow… After several of my colleagues/previous running partners have got themselves injured I started to have a slight pain whilst walking. This is almost certainly a bad thing. For that reason I’ve decided not to run until the pain is completely absent because I really need to be fit and able to run […]

Tuesday toils

Stay tuned… A short run today: only 6.7 miles in 49 minutes at a pace of 7:18 minutes/mile. This pace wasn’t too bad considering I was planning on taking it easy today. Once again I was stopped by the level crossing, but this time I ran backwards and forwards to a nearby lamppost to keep […]

New look spinning

I may do more spinning and perhaps swimming with my injured partners this coming week… I went spinning today with three of my colleagues: it’s been a long time since more than two of us were in the same class. We had the usual instructor, but he seemed to mix things up a little more than usual. […]