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Return to running

I now just need to sort out our matching outfits… A slow run today – 6.5 miles in 1 hour and 5 minutes. This was much slower than my usual pace, but involved lots of stops and I was running with others, so had to wait a little. I did attempt to sprint up a […]


Pretty hard work for a holiday… Just a quick lunchtime spinning class today. I seem to have developed a cold from my holiday so today was a lot harder than I was hoping, but needless to day it was a good workout. I finally got around to sorting out a justgiving page to collect sponsors […]

Healthy holiday

Having a rest week now as it’s holiday time… The week didn’t involve as much rest as I thought it would. Each day involved at least 30 minutes swimming (usually over an hour): a couple of days I went into the inviting sea more than once – it was beautiful. This was mainly as the […]

Final day

Possibly ViPR tomorrow, but it’s the harder instructor… Instead of ViPR today it was a mid-afternoon gym session. This involved around 40 minutes solo spinning whilst watching the Tour de France – I was so keeping up with them, honestly. This was followed by a few swift TRX exercises and a 1000 metre sprint on […]

After work run

The new RPM release tomorrow, maybe… I was feeling a little off/grumpy at work today so I thought exercising wasn’t a good idea. Although, I ended up finishing early so I decided to squeeze in a quick 5 miles: I thought I’d run 5 miles at an easy pace i.e. around 40 minutes. I ended […]

Moving on a Monday

Possibly a little run tomorrow… No run, I figured after the half marathon on Thursday in a busy exercise week I deserved a rest. So of course I had an overindulgent weekend, but I added many rounds of  (30-50) press ups both Saturday and Sunday. Today (Monday) it was a 45-minute spinning class. I found […]

To spin or rest?

Possibly spinning tomorrow or rest… Did I spin or rest? I rested until I went spinning, does that count as both? A pretty standard class, without the usual Friday lunch time instructor unfortunately. It was a little predictable as the instructor alternated between sprints and climbs and didn’t really mix the two into the same […]