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I won something!

The road to marathon has been awarded


Thanks to Siany at dashing divas for the award nomination.

Apparently I have to give 7 random facts about myself:

1. I’m actually a scientist. Well a PhD student, working in the biological sciences, but I’m the cool kind of geek.

2. In direct conflict with the above statement I’m a big fan of science fiction – if it involves spaceships I’m in.

3. I can juggle, nearly 5 balls and I own a unicycle, but I’m yet to master it.

4. I support one of the most disappointing football teams you could imagine (Preston North End).

5. I really like takeaway pizza, even though it undoes all my hard work exercising.

6. You may know this already, if you’ve read all my posts, but I once was the only guy at a Zumba class (I didn’t go a second time).

7. I’m a little afraid of swans and/or geese, they’re evil.

And finally my list of 15:

Real fun food 

Runner sami 

Running inspired blog 

Running with cupcakes

Stories by Williams 

Sorry I’m not sorry 

The runner’s word 

The Race for all 50 states 

Who runs the world 

GP on the run 

Just a science nerd that loves running 

To run 1000 miles 

The Bar runner

Running for reachout 

Diary of a dashista 

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