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Leveling up

I think I may deserve a rest day tomorrow… No rest. I was coerced into attending a spinning class, but this time it was level 4 (the highest level) for a whole hour. It was actually only 50 or so minutes of proper exercise so overall it wasn’t too hard, considering many of my solo […]

Wet wet wet

Maybe another run tomorrow depending on the weather… You know that feeling when you start running and you notice an extremely dark cloud, but shrug and carry on? You’d think I’d’ve figured out by now that that suggests that it may rain relatively soon? Clearly not. So at around 2 miles from the start it […]

Me vs Nature

Cooler tomorrow, which may mean more running… I went nice shortish afternoon run in the sunshine: probably the last time for a while. I managed 5 miles in 37 minutes, which wasn’t my fastest but still up there. I may have run a little further as the app couldn’t find me for the first minute […]

Hot hot hot

Busy week coming up… Very hot again today, although I think it’s going to get cooler soon, which means I won’t get too dehydrated in future runs – well until it next gets hot. As it was so hot, I decided to solo spin (indoors) rather than run (outdoors). I felt really strong today, using […]

Sat/Sun fun

Possibly a run tomorrow, but not Sunday, I have other plans… I lied. Saturday was not a running day – it was an annoying day. Some “joker” decided to lock their bicycle to mine, so I had to walk back from town. Hopefully it will be unlocked when I go pick it up later today, […]

Yet more beer

Hopefully will squeeze in some exercise tomorrow before going to the festival again… I went to the beer festival last night and I’m still feeling the effects now – quite a heavy night. It was a lot of fun and now I’ve had lots of pints I’m starting to feel like a connoisseur, or so […]

Beer and/or exercise

It looks like a lazy week then… I managed to squeeze in some morning exercise on Tuesday: I had an incubation step in the lab so I had an hour or so to kill – so I went to the gym of course. There were actually other people in there (about 11am), but I ended […]