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Back to spinning

I think more spinning in the near future… Just a quick one today. We had a stand-in spinning instructor today, so the class was a little different. There was a very good music selection: it really got the class going. The class was mainly climbs with a few sprints thrown in. This instructor particularly likes […]

The treadmill and my shoes

Back to my ailments next… Two posts in one day- aren’t you guys lucky. Just a quick one about my actual treadmill exercise. This was just over an hour of work with a few rests: I varied the incline and the speed in order to shake up my usual routine. For example, I’d start at […]

Boring boring treadmills?

More to come shortly… Are treadmills boring? Well I can’t say that I’d ever choose one over a run in the countryside on a sunny day but here are a few pros and cons. Pros: Not weather-dependent – Yes, I know you can run outdoors in any weather (in fact I quite like running in […]

The Dave’s new shoes…

New shoes on the treadmill tomorrow? I think this blog may turn in to a list of my various aches and pains from day to day – that would be dull. I did try out the new shoes (see “Dave goes shoe shopping” for pictures) on the treadmill. I was running between 7 and 7.5 […]

Keeping Pace

I look forward to trying out my purchase… First and foremost I should start by saying I’ve finally got around to buying and reading the book Born to Run: I really enjoyed it, hence why it took only two days to read. It covers a lot about Ultramarathons and the story of one in particular: […]

Dave goes shoe shopping

Hopefully Easter won’t undo all my “hard” work… Hurray, it’s Easter time. No more work until Tuesday! This surely means I can be outside running all the time… …for that I need to buy new shoes (my old ones were hurting my knee). I decided to go to a local running shop (Up and Running […]

Supersonic spinning?

Hopefully my leg improves… The leg seems to be fine, but then again I haven’t actually run on it. Loads of people at work seem to have contracted a cold, me included unfortunately so I decided to take Tuesday off, forgoing RPM (the instructor noted my absence today). I was planning on having another rest […]