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It’s Monday again

No long Sunday run this week I think…

Another very lazy weekend: I really shouldn’t get into the habit, but there’s always something to do at the weekend (usually more “fun” than working out). The weather was bad too – is that enough excuses for you?

Prior to the usual Monday lunchtime spinning class I worked a little on my upper body strength in the weights gym: I think I’m actually getting stronger in certain ways. Unfortunately any lifting exercises still seem to be disproportionately difficult.

Spinning was good, but I did feel a little (more) out of breath (than usual), which was a little worrying. The instructor jokingly asked if I wanted to take the class, which got me thinking that I still haven’t been through my second attempt at designing a spinning class with real participants.

Hopefully the weather will be nice enough one day this week to run outside…


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