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Post work jog

Better luck next time?

A nice long run today after work, well it was either that or brave one of the much harder spinning classes. Usually the classes are “level 3” for those that are “already fit”, but a “level 4” is for those who are very fit – I’m still not sure which category I fit in. These classes are an hour long, rather than 45 minutes, which I imagine can make a huge difference, but I’m yet to find out.

My aim for the run was to do better than my previous 7.5 miles in 1 hour best – a best for one hour’s running that is. This time I managed, drum roll please… 8.1 miles in the hour, which I’m very proud of. In the end I ran 9.3 miles with an accidental sprint finish as I started to slow down.

This is a great overall pace, probably a little fast for the marathon, but it’s good for a whole hour’s running. Although it’s not my best pace, as I’ve run 5 miles at 8.5 miles/hour along the river before. On the other hand today’s route was a lot rougher terrain, as I ran around farm fields will no real paths, which included one pretty steep hill that I managed to do without slowing down.

Unfortunately this route near my place of work is quite limited in length, as I needed to loop a couple of the fields more than once. I guess I could extend the range; however I’d need to run along busy-ish country lanes, which is not optimal. I had been worried that I was getting less good at running as time passed, but I think my fears were unfounded.

It’s going to be a mixed day on Friday…


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