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Complaints about spinning??

A lot of cycling today, I’ve been to work and back twice… I seem to have missed a day out there. Well yesterday was another lunchtime spinning class. This is the usual; however there was one issue: there was one participant that kept moaning about the class. They were saying how the instructor went on […]

Terrible Tuesday

Hopefully the weather will be nice enough one day this week to run outside… The weather was nice and rainy this morning and afternoon (although it brightened up later), so I had to settle with a spinning class: it was RPM today. The class was a little easier today than yesterday; I was feeling much […]

It’s Monday again

No long Sunday run this week I think… Another very lazy weekend: I really shouldn’t get into the habit, but there’s always something to do at the weekend (usually more “fun” than working out). The weather was bad too – is that enough excuses for you? Prior to the usual Monday lunchtime spinning class I […]

Friday frolics

It’s going to be a mixed day on Friday… Ah Friday, the best day of the week. This Friday was particularly good as our whole group of three people all did spinning together – the first time for a few weeks! The class was good, but my legs were not feeling as strong as usual, […]

Post work jog

Better luck next time? A nice long run today after work, well it was either that or brave one of the much harder spinning classes. Usually the classes are “level 3” for those that are “already fit”, but a “level 4” is for those who are very fit – I’m still not sure which category […]

RPM and my undoing

RPM tomorrow… RPM was different today, we had the usual instructor plus a special guest – apparently he’s learning to become a Les Millls instructor. The usual instructor took the majority of the class; however the other guy did a couple of the tracks. The new guy did really well actually; I was surprised as […]

Starting the week strongly

Overall a good day, a busy weekend coming up: hopefully I can try my new shoes outdoors… Lazy, lazy weekend. Lots of food and sitting down – I did really want to go for a run, but the weather was not great on Sunday and I was feeling a little under the weather, still. We […]