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Keep spinning!

Practice makes perfect… The usual Friday spinning class today. To start with I was feeling really unfit, struggling with low resistance. As the class got going we were told to stand and increase the resistance so it was “heavy” and after reducing, I realised that my legs were no longer struggling. I actually had to […]

Dave the spinning instructor

Definitely the sound track tomorrow… Before I start, here is the sound track for my attempt at a spinning class: Stereophonics – More Life In A Tramps Vest             Used as a low intensity short warm up. Lady GaGa – Born this Way             The warm up proper, building up intensity towards the end. Girls […]

Pretty good at pulling

Is it wrong that I’m excited about tomorrow? Darn, my work was inconsiderate and got in the way. The spinning room being free and me having a spare hour or so within work did not coincide, so I had to make do with a regular spinning class. It was a really good one; we all […]

Weighting to build muscle

Overall a good day, what will tomorrow bring? Tomorrow brought some muscle-building activities (or more correctly an attempt at muscle-building exercises). I’ve been sneakily doing dips at work, whenever I have a spare minute (sets of 20). I also based my workout in the weights section of the gym (shocking I know). I started with […]

I’ve got those moves…

Back on the bike then… I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to work more on my strength by building muscles. I think my exercise regime had led me to actually burn away some of my muscles, which was not the plan. I guess that’s what comes from burning more calories than consuming. This […]

They’re right behind you…

Next comes a spinning play list… On the spinning front I’ve managed to select 9 hours of songs to choose from: I’ve not yet finalised the first 45-60 minute sound track, that will come shortly. I finally got chased by zombies (using the Zombies, Run! App). The first mission was quite interesting and I managed […]

Saturday and Me through the ages

But will I survive the “treat” of tomorrow? A long one today, firstly I’ll talk out the lovely “treat” I had with my housemate: a Cinnabon. Any readers from the US will probably be familiar with this particular food, but since there are now 3 UK stores (one inexplicably in Cambridge) it has now become […]